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Frequently asked questions


We often get asked many questions here at The Event DJs so below are our ten most frequently asked questions



How long does it take you to set up?


I have noticed that you have different DJ Booths in your pictures, how do I choose what DJ Booth I want and do different Booths cost different amounts?


What are your standard running times for a disco?


How many songs do you have?


How do I book you?


I really want my favourite song played! How can I guarantee you'll play it?


There are a few songs I really don't want played, how can I stop you playing them even if they are requested by my guests?


My venue requires that all your equipment is PAT tested, how can I download your PAT certificate to show them?


My chosen venue has asked if you have Public Liability Insurance, how can I download your PLI certificate to show them?


I can't decide on what extras to have at the moment, can I still book you so I don't lose the date and add extras later?



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